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Initial startup
  • Intake conversation with tailored advice for your business
  • Guidance and assistance with the choice of the parameters
  • Personal follow-up and adjustments if necessary
  • Intuitive manual for involved staff
  • Statistics report of the results
150,0 euro Excl. TVA
Talk to your followers
  • follower language identification
  • 1 personal custom message to each existing follower
50,0 euro Excl. TVA
Get your followers
  • new follower detection
  • follower language identification
  • Coupons utilisé
  • Coupons utilisé
500 coupons
0,25 euro per extra coupon
200,0 euro Excl. TVA
Make your followers talk about you
  • detection of posts that meet your settings
  • poster language identification
  • personal message upon good post or suggested corrections
  • Valider coupon
  • Coupons utilisé
50 coupons
2,25 euro per extra coupon
125,0 euro Excl. TVA
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